About the company

2000 2003 2007

The year 2000 was the last year of last millennium and the start of a new one. That is the time the story of the RS Group begins, written by its two founding partners, Robert Sekera and Roman Sixta. Thanks to experiences its founders gained abroad, the company was engaged mainly in construction at the start, which brought in the initial capital.Today, construction still forms one of the main pillars on which the company stands. As early as 2003, though, the company (now called RS Development) realized its first significant investment: a first residential project was acquired and implemented.

That was a breakthrough year for the company;the route ahead was already clearly plotted. In the next years, besides standard building projects, other residential and commercial projects were implemented. The company expanded its portfolio to include also facility management, preparation and implementation of projects for investors and investment groups. In 2007, new partnerArch joined the company. Pantelise Larcou, thanks to his professional experiences, helped the company to develop and implement developers’ projects more quickly.

2009 2014

Another breakthrough period of the RS Group was 2009 - 2010. At that time, RS worked together with its Austrian partners – the SeneCura company, which is the biggest private facility manager of facilities for seniors in Austria and Switzerland – to establish the Senior holding Company. Its task and target is the development of the network of facilities for seniors and services for seniors in the Czech Republic.

In 2014, founding partner Roman Sixta left the group. In 2015, a significant change in partnership in the Senior holding company occurred when the Austrian partner sold the SeneCura company to French company Orpea, which today, with more than 75.000 beds and 750 facilities, one of the biggest worldwide players in the field of social and health care. With the accession of the new partner, dynamics changed and increased pressure to build a network of enhanced facilities and services in the Czech Republic, with the ambition to build up to 100 such facilities by 2025. Also in 2015, the group launched real estate investments (hotel and accommodation)in order to establish a network of hotels and student residence halls all over Czech Republic. The group will continue to possess them and also operate some of them.

The present

The RS Group currently implements projects for residential housing intended mainly for medium- and higher-market segments in Czech Republic, and builds rents and manages facilities, including office buildings, hotels, residence halls and commercial areas. Further, itimplements and manages houses for seniors who suffer from Alzheimer´s disease and mobility impairment, andrequire 24/7 service.

Thanks to these experiences gained from many branches of real estate development, the RS Group is capable of preparing and implementingboth quickly and effectively any project tailored to meet the needs and specifications of an investor.