Due to our long-term experiences in many segments of real estate development, the RS Group is ready to prepare and realize any real estate project quickly and effectively. We create a project with the maximum possible efficiency of quality, time and costs according to the investor´s wishes, making sure to tailor to our requests or as a response to market demands. Then we are capable to sell or rent the project for a good profit or manage the real estate to achieve long-term value appreciation– or both. We further offer consulting services, technical and legal auditing (due diligence) and designing and engineering services.

How we work and what can offer:

Every project and property is subjected to a thorough analysis before implementation in order to provide a guarantee for our group or for our investor: a smooth course from preparation to implementation, and right up through the follow-up sale or rent.. We consider the financial situation of the market and place emphasis on our ability to guarantee the economic efficiency of the entire project.

The entire process of project preparation and implementation is divided into several stages:

Preliminary stage:

  • Locality survey, zoning plan and real estate assessment
  • Preparation of a usability and feasibility study
  • Locality and project assessment
  • Determination of a concept and development plan
  • Preparation of a cost and revenue budget with expected profitability
  • Preparation of a time schedule with a detailed plan of individual implementation stages

Final stage:

  • Final approval of construction
  • Owner´s statement and other acts required from the land registry
  • Administrative and legal acts to hand over the building for use by end user

Implementation stage:

  • Acquisition stage/acquisition of real estate or company
  • Project preparation
  • Ensuring of zoning and planning decision and building permit
  • Ensuring of contractual documentation, legal assistance
  • Bank funding
  • Creation of marketing documents and promotion material
  • Ensuring the project promotion, advertising campaign
  • Tender procedures with respect to contractor for the construction
  • Implementation and project construction